Hemp Health Products

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Hemp Health Products (hemp seed) are extremely beneficial for health, as they contain all the essential amino acids and fatty acids necessary for a body full of vitality. No other plant has such easily digestible proteins or such a perfect ratio of essential oils. Hemp seeds support the immune system and provide health and vitality.

Composition of Hemp Health Products

Hemp seeds, including seeds used to grow cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, contain more essential fatty acids than the seeds of any other plant. These acids are responsible for our immune response (the way the body responds to bacteria, viruses, or harmful and dangerous substances) and influence our growth, vitality, and mood.

The hemp seed oil contains only 8% saturated fat, a really low amount, which is something very positive since it is precisely the excessive and continuous consumption of these fats that causes cardiovascular diseases. The squeezed hempseed oil contains 55% linoleic acid and 25% linolenic acid, acids responsible for transforming food into vital energy and distributing it throughout the body. Only flaxseed oil contains more linolenic acid, at 58%.

Bread, muesli, salads, and stews

The seeds are naturally covered by an outer layer that safely protects essential oils and vitamins against rot. The shell of the seed is a wrapper that can be consumed perfectly. Hemp seed can be ground into a paste similar to peanut butter, but with a more delicate flavor. In the words of nutritionist “In terms of nutritional value, hemp butter far outperforms peanut butter.” The ground seeds can be incorporated into bread, biscuits, and stews. Hemp seeds can also be used as a salty ingredient in muesli bars. For centuries, people have used hemp products for medicinal purposes. Today, the seeds of this plant are extremely popular as food products. And the main reason for the growing demand for hemp seeds is the content in it of a large number of substances useful to us.

The health benefits of cannabis

Hemp can rightfully be called one of the most ancient agricultural crops, and its seeds have always been held in special honor – they were used both in medicine and in cooking. This is largely due to the rich composition of the plant – thanks to it, the benefits of cannabis are unusually great. The most important components of this plant for our health:

  • Unique proteins
  • Vitamin complex.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids.

Hemp Health Products

Today hemp seeds are used not only in their pure form but also in many healthy and tasty products. So, hemp flour, hemp seed paste, hemp porridge, and fiber are in great demand. Flour is ideal for creating not only delicious but also very healthy homemade cakes, porridge will become the best morning breakfast, fill the body with energy for the whole day, and give a feeling of satiety. And tender pasta diversifies the diet and can become a favorite delicacy for the whole family.

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